03月09日 星期四
00:00Taiwan Talks(88)(普)
01:00Among the Brightest(7)(普)
01:15Among the Brightest(8)(普)
01:35Family Matters(4)(普)
02:00Signal Test(普)
06:00What’s Up Taiwan!(329)(普)
06:10Guess Who9(33)(普)
07:00Taiwan Talks(88)(普)
08:00What’s Up Taiwan!(330)(普)
08:10Among the Brightest(7)(普)
08:25Among the Brightest(8)(普)
08:45Family Matters(4)(普)
09:00Formosa – Ode to Nocturnal Creatures(普)
10:00What’s Up Taiwan!(330)(普)
10:10The Jennie Show(1)(普)
10:13The Jennie Show(2)(普)
10:16The Jennie Show(3)(普)
10:19The Jennie Show(4)(普)
10:22The Jennie Show(5)(普)
10:25The Jennie Show(6)(普)
10:28The Jennie Show(7)(普)
10:31The Jennie Show(8)(普)
10:34The Jennie Show(9)(普)
10:37The Jennie Show(10)(普)
10:40Foodie Taxi(7)(普)
10:48Foodie Taxi(8)(普)
11:05Guess Who9(33)(普)
12:00Taiwan Talks(88)(普)
12:55What's the Word?(7)(普)
13:00The Jennie Show(1)(普)
13:03The Jennie Show(2)(普)
13:06The Jennie Show(3)(普)
13:09The Jennie Show(4)(普)
13:12The Jennie Show(5)(普)
13:15The Jennie Show(6)(普)
13:18The Jennie Show(7)(普)
13:21The Jennie Show(8)(普)
13:24The Jennie Show(9)(普)
13:27The Jennie Show(10)(普)
13:30Foodie Taxi(7)(普)
13:38Foodie Taxi(8)(普)
14:00What’s Up Taiwan!(331)(普)
14:10Among the Brightest(7)(普)
14:25Among the Brightest(8)(普)
14:45Family Matters(4)(普)
15:00What’s Up Taiwan!(330)(普)
15:10Taiwan Talks(88)(普)
16:00Formosa – Ode to Nocturnal Creatures(普)
17:00What’s Up Taiwan!(331)(普)
17:10Follow Me Go! Kids on a Mission(5)(普)
17:40The Jennie Show(1)(普)
17:43The Jennie Show(2)(普)
17:46The Jennie Show(3)(普)
17:49The Jennie Show(4)(普)
17:52The Jennie Show(5)(普)
17:55The Jennie Show(6)(普)
17:58The Jennie Show(7)(普)
18:01The Jennie Show(8)(普)
18:04The Jennie Show(9)(普)
18:07The Jennie Show(10)(普)
18:10Foodie Taxi(7)(普)
18:18Foodie Taxi(8)(普)
18:30Taiwan+ News(114)(普)
19:00Taiwan Talks(89)(普)
19:55What's the Word?(7)(普)
20:00What’s Up Taiwan!(332)(普)
20:10Among the Brightest(7)(普)
20:25Among the Brightest(8)(普)
20:45Family Matters(4)(普)
21:00Formosa – Ode to Nocturnal Creatures(普)
22:00Taiwan+ News(114)(普)
22:30Among the Brightest(7)(普)
22:45Among the Brightest(8)(普)
23:05What’s Up Taiwan!(332)(普)
23:15Family Matters(4)(普)
23:30The Jennie Show(1)(普)
23:33The Jennie Show(2)(普)
23:36The Jennie Show(3)(普)
23:39The Jennie Show(4)(普)
23:42The Jennie Show(5)(普)
23:45The Jennie Show(6)(普)
23:48The Jennie Show(7)(普)
23:52The Jennie Show(8)(普)
23:55The Jennie Show(9)(普)
03月10日 星期五
00:00Taiwan Talks(89)(普)
01:00Wow! Taiwan(17)(普)
02:00Guess Who9(34)(普)
03:00Connected With Divya Gopalan(2)(普)
03:30Tales of the Island(5)(普)
04:00The War of Betrayal 1895(18)(普)
05:00Wow! Taiwan(17)(普)
06:00What’s Up Taiwan!(332)(普)
06:10Guess Who9(34)(普)
07:00Taiwan Talks(89)(普)
08:00What’s Up Taiwan!(333)(普)
08:10Wow! Taiwan(17)(普)
09:00Connected With Divya Gopalan(2)(普)
09:30Tales of the Island(5)(普)
10:00What’s Up Taiwan!(333)(普)
10:10Come Away With Me(8)(普)
11:05Guess Who9(34)(普)
12:00Taiwan Talks(89)(普)
12:55What's the Word?(8)(普)
13:00Come Away With Me(8)(普)
14:00What’s Up Taiwan!(334)(普)
14:10Wow! Taiwan(17)(普)
15:00What’s Up Taiwan!(333)(普)
15:10Taiwan Talks(89)(普)
16:00Connected With Divya Gopalan(2)(普)
16:30Tales of the Island(5)(普)
17:00What’s Up Taiwan!(334)(普)
17:10Solar Terms(1)(普)
17:25Wish You Were Here(跟我回家過節)(1)(普)
17:40Come Away With Me(8)(普)
18:30Taiwan+ News(115)(普)
19:00Slow Travel Adventures(21)(普)
19:55What's the Word?(8)(普)
20:00What’s Up Taiwan!(335)(普)
20:10Wow! Taiwan(18)(普)
21:00Connected With Divya Gopalan(2)(普)
21:30Tales of the Island(5)(普)
22:00Taiwan+ News(115)(普)
22:30Revitalizing Cities(3)(普)
22:45Revitalizing Cities(4)(普)
23:00What’s Up Taiwan!(335)(普)
23:10Wow! Taiwan(18)(普)
03月11日 星期六
00:00Formosa Pilgrimage(6)(普)
00:30What's the Word?(1)(普)
00:35What's the Word?(2)(普)
00:40What's the Word?(3)(普)
00:45What's the Word?(4)(普)
01:00Follow me to Taiwan(20)(普)
02:00Taiwan Talks(86)(普)
03:00Together, Stronger in the Rain(普)
04:30Life of an Artist(1)(普)
04:40Life of an Artist(2)(普)
04:50Life of an Artist(3)(普)
05:00Slow Travel Adventures(21)(普)
06:00Taiwan Talks(87)(普)
07:00Wow! Taiwan(18)(普)
08:00Pigsy Express(11)(普)
08:15Pigsy Express(12)(普)
08:30Here’s What Happened(8)(普)
08:45What's the Word?(1)(普)
08:50What's the Word?(2)(普)
09:00Together, Stronger in the Rain(普)
10:30Life of an Artist(1)(普)
10:40Life of an Artist(2)(普)
10:48Life of an Artist(3)(普)
11:00Wow! Taiwan(18)(普)
12:00Follow me to Taiwan(20)(普)
12:50Taiwan : through the eyes of painters(1)(普)
13:00Together, Stronger in the Rain(普)
14:30Life of an Artist(1)(普)
14:40Life of an Artist(2)(普)
14:50Life of an Artist(3)(普)
15:00Here’s What Happened(8)(普)
15:15What's the Word?(3)(普)
15:20What's the Word?(4)(普)
15:30Formosa Pilgrimage(6)(普)
16:00Follow me to Taiwan(20)(普)
17:00Pigsy Express(11)(普)
17:15Pigsy Express(12)(普)
17:30Slow Travel Adventures(21)(普)
18:30Here’s What Happened(8)(普)
18:45What's the Word?(1)(普)
18:50What's the Word?(3)(普)
19:00Wow! Taiwan(18)(普)
20:00Follow me to Taiwan(20)(普)
21:00Game Changers with Emily Y. Wu(3)(普)
21:30Wish You Were Here(跟我回家過節)(1)(普)
22:00Together, Stronger in the Rain(普)
23:30Life of an Artist(1)(普)
23:40Life of an Artist(2)(普)
23:50Life of an Artist(3)(普)
03月12日 星期日
00:00Love Fun Taiwan(1)(普)
00:30Love Fun Taiwan(2)(普)
01:00Come Away With Me(1)(普)
02:00Taiwan Talks(88)(普)
03:00Close to you(普)
04:30Perhaps That Elephant is still Asleep(普)
05:00Love Fun Taiwan(1)(普)
05:30Love Fun Taiwan(2)(普)
06:00Taiwan Talks(89)(普)
07:007 Sisters Explore Taiwan(5)(普)
07:30Jason's Table:Fruit Laboratory(5)(普)
08:00Pigsy Express(13)(普)
08:15Pigsy Express2(1)(普)
08:30Taiwan's Food Delights 台灣食堂(10)(普)
09:00Close to you(普)
10:30Perhaps That Elephant is still Asleep(普)
11:007 Sisters Explore Taiwan(5)(普)
11:30Jason's Table:Fruit Laboratory(5)(普)
12:00Come Away With Me(1)(普)
12:50Taiwan : through the eyes of painters(2)(普)
13:00Close to you(普)
14:30Perhaps That Elephant is still Asleep(普)
15:00Love Fun Taiwan(1)(普)
15:30Love Fun Taiwan(2)(普)
16:00Come Away With Me(1)(普)
17:00Pigsy Express(13)(普)
17:15Pigsy Express2(1)(普)
17:307 Sisters Explore Taiwan(5)(普)
18:00Jason's Table:Fruit Laboratory(5)(普)
18:30Taiwan's Food Delights 台灣食堂(10)(普)
19:00Love Fun Taiwan(1)(普)
19:30Love Fun Taiwan(2)(普)
20:00Come Away With Me(1)(普)
21:00Game Changers with Emily Y. Wu(4)(普)
21:30Jason's Table:Fruit Laboratory(5)(普)
22:00Close to you(普)
23:30Perhaps That Elephant is still Asleep(普)
03月13日 星期一
00:00Let's Be Friends(1)(普)
01:00Love Fun Taiwan(1)(普)
01:30Wish You Were Here(跟我回家過節)(1)(普)
02:00Guess Who9(35)(普)
03:00Connected With Divya Gopalan(3)(普)
03:30Tales of the Island(6)(普)
04:00The War of Betrayal 1895(19)(普)
05:00Love Fun Taiwan(1)(普)
05:30Wish You Were Here(跟我回家過節)(1)(普)
06:00What’s Up Taiwan!(336)(普)
06:10Guess Who9(35)(普)
07:00Let's Be Friends(1)(普)
08:00What’s Up Taiwan!(336)(普)
08:10Love Fun Taiwan(1)(普)
08:40Wish You Were Here(跟我回家過節)(1)(普)
09:00Connected With Divya Gopalan(3)(普)
09:30Tales of the Island(6)(普)
10:00What’s Up Taiwan!(336)(普)
10:10Oh My God(3)(普)
10:25Oh My God(4)(普)
10:40Pup Nation(2)(普)
11:05Guess Who9(35)(普)
12:00Let's Be Friends(1)(普)
12:50Taiwan : through the eyes of painters(3)(普)
13:00Oh My God(3)(普)
13:15Oh My God(4)(普)
13:30Pup Nation(2)(普)
14:00What’s Up Taiwan!(337)(普)
14:10Love Fun Taiwan(1)(普)
14:40Wish You Were Here(跟我回家過節)(1)(普)
15:00What’s Up Taiwan!(336)(普)
15:10Let's Be Friends(1)(普)
16:00Connected With Divya Gopalan(3)(普)
16:30Tales of the Island(6)(普)
17:00What’s Up Taiwan!(337)(普)
17:10Follow Me Go! Kids on a Mission(6)(普)
17:40Oh My God(3)(普)
17:55Oh My God(4)(普)
18:10Pup Nation(2)(普)
18:30Taiwan+ News(116)(普)
19:00Taiwan Talks(90)(普)
20:00What’s Up Taiwan!(338)(普)
20:10Love Fun Taiwan(1)(普)
20:40Wish You Were Here(跟我回家過節)(2)(普)
21:00Connected With Divya Gopalan(3)(普)
21:30Tales of the Island(6)(普)
22:00Taiwan+ News(116)(普)
22:30Love Fun Taiwan(1)(普)
23:00What’s Up Taiwan!(338)(普)
23:10Wish You Were Here(跟我回家過節)(2)(普)
23:30Pup Nation(2)(普)
03月14日 星期二
00:00Taiwan Talks(90)(普)
01:007 Sisters Explore Taiwan(6)(普)
01:30Jason's Table:Fruit Laboratory(6)(普)
02:00Guess Who9(36)(普)
03:00Your Island My Home(1)(普)
04:00The War of Betrayal 1895(20)(普)
05:007 Sisters Explore Taiwan(6)(普)
05:30Jason's Table:Fruit Laboratory(6)(普)
06:00What’s Up Taiwan!(338)(普)
06:10Guess Who9(36)(普)
07:00Taiwan Talks(90)(普)
08:00What’s Up Taiwan!(339)(普)
08:107 Sisters Explore Taiwan(6)(普)
08:40Jason's Table:Fruit Laboratory(6)(普)
09:00Your Island My Home(1)(普)
10:00What’s Up Taiwan!(339)(普)
10:10Secret Kitchen(9)(普)
10:25Secret Kitchen(10)(普)
10:40Happy Fisherman(7)(普)
11:05Guess Who9(36)(普)
12:00Taiwan Talks(90)(普)
12:50Taiwan : through the eyes of painters(4)(普)
13:00Secret Kitchen(9)(普)
13:15Secret Kitchen(10)(普)
13:30Happy Fisherman(7)(普)
14:00What’s Up Taiwan!(340)(普)
14:107 Sisters Explore Taiwan(6)(普)
14:40Jason's Table:Fruit Laboratory(6)(普)
15:00What’s Up Taiwan!(339)(普)
15:10Taiwan Talks(90)(普)
16:00Your Island My Home(1)(普)
17:00What’s Up Taiwan!(340)(普)
17:10Follow Me Go! Kids on a Mission(7)(普)
17:40Secret Kitchen(9)(普)
17:55Secret Kitchen(10)(普)
18:10Happy Fisherman(7)(普)
18:30Taiwan+ News(117)(普)
19:00Taiwan Talks(91)(普)
20:00What’s Up Taiwan!(341)(普)
20:107 Sisters Explore Taiwan(6)(普)
20:40Jason's Table:Fruit Laboratory(6)(普)
21:00Your Island My Home(1)(普)
22:00Taiwan+ News(117)(普)
22:307 Sisters Explore Taiwan(6)(普)
23:00What’s Up Taiwan!(341)(普)
23:10Jason's Table:Fruit Laboratory(6)(普)
23:30Secret Kitchen(9)(普)
23:45Secret Kitchen(10)(普)
03月15日 星期三
00:00Taiwan Talks(91)(普)
01:00Formosa Pilgrimage(7)(普)
01:30Taiwan 60Hz(7)(普)
02:00Guess Who9(37)(普)
03:00Your Island My Home(2)(普)
04:00Wintry Night, the Sequel(1)(普)
05:00Formosa Pilgrimage(7)(普)
05:30Taiwan 60Hz(7)(普)
06:00What’s Up Taiwan!(341)(普)
06:10Guess Who9(37)(普)
07:00Taiwan Talks(91)(普)
08:00What’s Up Taiwan!(342)(普)
08:10Formosa Pilgrimage(7)(普)
08:40Taiwan 60Hz(7)(普)
09:00Your Island My Home(2)(普)
10:00What’s Up Taiwan!(342)(普)
10:10Follow me to Taiwan(9)(普)
11:05Guess Who9(37)(普)
12:00Taiwan Talks(91)(普)
12:50Taiwan : through the eyes of painters(5)(普)
13:00Follow me to Taiwan(9)(普)
14:00What’s Up Taiwan!(343)(普)
14:10Formosa Pilgrimage(7)(普)
14:40Taiwan 60Hz(7)(普)
15:00What’s Up Taiwan!(342)(普)
15:10Taiwan Talks(91)(普)
16:00Your Island My Home(2)(普)
17:00What’s Up Taiwan!(343)(普)
17:10Follow Me Go! Kids on a Mission(8)(普)
17:40Follow me to Taiwan(9)(普)
18:30Taiwan+ News(118)(普)
19:00Taiwan Talks(92)(普)
20:00What’s Up Taiwan!(344)(普)
20:10Formosa Pilgrimage(7)(普)
20:30Taiwan 60Hz(7)(普)
21:00Your Island My Home(2)(普)
22:00Taiwan+ News(118)(普)
22:30Tastes of Taiwan: Around the 24 Solar Terms台灣食堂英配版(3)(普)
23:00What’s Up Taiwan!(344)(普)
23:10Formosa Pilgrimage(7)(普)
23:30Taiwan 60Hz(7)(普)


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